Ilha Formosa: Designer Tien-Min Liao Introduction to Taiwan

Ilha Formosa: Designer Tien-Min Liao Introduction to Taiwan
Tien-Min Liao's "Ilha Formosa" will be shown at K11

As part of the K11 Design Month at Art Mall K11, traveling exhibition “Mobile APPortfolio – Ilha Formosa” will present a collection of paper-illustrated infographics created by Taiwanese designer Tien-Min Liao from September 3 to October 31.

Ilha Formosa which translates to “A Beautiful Island,” is Tien’s endeavor to promote her homeland, Taiwan. Using computer-generated graphics, colorful rendering and paper-fold landscapes, information such as the percentage breakdown of ethnic groups in Taiwan, yearly consumption of tealeaves and the distance of a Taiwan bike tour are shown accompanied with simple captions.

Currently based in New York, the Taiwanese graphic designer said, “When I came to the United States, I noticed that many people didn’t know my hometown Taiwan. Some people even cannot tell the difference between Taiwan and Thailand, just because they sound alike.” Liao believed it was her duty as a designer to revert the situation, to introduce the endearing side of the nation of 23 million residents – a piece information also shown in “Ilha Formosa.”

These infographics were first published in her book Ilha Formosa in 2011, which in Tien’s words is neither a “tourist guide, nor a boring government-published book,” but something more with vivid and straightforward infographics. The cover of the book resembles looking at Taiwan through binoculars.

Although still considered a new kid on the block – Liao received her Master’s degree from Pratt in May 2013, soon after getting her B.A. in Taiwan – Liao has already collected various design awards with her works, such as the iF Concept Award in 2010, and the Red Dot Communication Design Award in 2009.

Other exhibitions during the K11 Design Month include “Mark Sanders Energetic Ride Exhibition - From Classical to Electrical” from now until September 22, a showcase of British designer Mark Sanders’ folding bicycles; “Swap It With U — A Collaboration between Alan Chong and Hong Kong Design Institute” from September 23 to 30, which will present innovative clock designs by local designer Alan Chong and design students; as well as the “2013 China-Korea Outstanding Design Graduation Exhibition,” a mixed-media exhibit by new Chinese and Korean graduates from September 7 to October 6.

“Mobile APPortfolio – Ilha Formosa,” September 3 – October 31 at K11 Showcases, Art Mall K11, Tsim Sha Tsui.

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