Hong Kong Gallery Crawl: A stabbing installation, urban inspiration, and Alexander Calder

Hong Kong Gallery Crawl: A stabbing installation, urban inspiration, and Alexander Calder
Farhad Moshiri, "Life is beautiful" 2009, knives, dimensions according to space.
(Courtesy Farhad Moshiri and Galerie Perrotin)

ARTINFO picks out five of the best exhibitions in Hong Kong this week.

“PICNIC” and “No Rest For the Wicked” at Galerie Perrotin

Double-whammy at Galerie Perrotin opened this week: Farhad Moshiri’s “PICNIC” and Jin Meyerson’s “No Rest for the Wicked.” 

Iranian artist Moshiri trained in Los Angeles but is now based in Tehran. He marries pop art aesthetics with Iranian craftsmanship, bringing to Hong Kong his installation of knives stabbed into a gallery wall.

Korean-born, New York-bred contemporary artist Meyerson relocated to Hong Kong two years ago. The painter explores dream and waking states, cultural displacements, and urban identities. 

“PICNIC” and “No Rest For the Wicked” is at Galerie Perrotin through Mar. 30.

Alexander Calder” at Ben Brown Fine Arts

Hong Kong’s first in-depth look at late American artist Alexander Calder, best known for his mobile and stabile sculptures.

Alexander Calder: Sculpture, Works on Paper and Jewellery” is at Ben Brown Fine Arts from Feb. 28 through Apr. 3.

“My Space” at Amelia Johnson Contemporary

Last chance to catch “My Space” featuring two Hong Kong artists, Wong Kai Kin and David Smith. Both painters are concerned with the space we occupy and our existence within it.

“My Space” is at Amelia Johnson Contemporary through Mar 1.

“Empire of the Ants” at AP Contemporary

Shanghai-born artist Pu Jie focuses on the urban context of his native city, portraying stories of its residents who live in the shadow of new China.

“Empire of the Ants” is at AP Contemporary through Mar. 24

“Snow Mountains” at Shin Hwa Gallery

Korean photographer Lim Chae Wook creates existentialist scenes with his images of a snowy mountaintop. The black and white photographs are reminiscent of Chinese landscape ink paintings.

“Snow Mountains”is at Shin Hwa Gallery from Feb 28 through Mar. 28. 

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